of Grade 4 learners in South Africa can’t read for meaning in any language.

How you can help


The Tide is Turning...

In September 2018, 50 top artists came together to record their own version of Johnny Clegg’s iconic song “The Crossing” as a tribute to his legacy and to raise funds to fight the education crisis in South Africa. 

Over 4,000 Futures Adopted

Friends of Johnny Clegg have taken the proceeds from the song sales, donations and YouTube and given it to what they believe is South Africa’s best chance at addressing this crisis – The Click Foundation.

The Click Foundation implements a digital English literacy programme in underprivileged primary schools across South Africa. The programme offers young learners the opportunity to work at their own pace through fun and enjoyable activities that teach them to read, thus equipping them with both the literacy and technological skills required for any chance at future success.

The Click Foundation already helps over 70,000 children, of which over 4,000 futures have been adopted by Friends of Johnny Clegg.

The ultimate goal is to change the lives of 1 million children by 2024 and help build a brighter future for our great country.

A Tribute to Johnny Clegg

See the Impact on One Childs Life


For the equivalent of a dinner out you can change a South African child’s future. Donate quickly and easily via EBucks, EFT or Credit Card.


Every view on Youtube contributes a small amount to changing the fortunes of South Africa’s children and our country as a whole.


Download “The Crossing” on iTunes or Spotify. Every download will help build a brighter future for our great country.


To turn the tide on South Africa’s literacy crisis we need to reach as many people as possible

Can Your Company Help?

If you think your company might be able to help Friends of Johnny Clegg and The Click Foundation turn the tide for South Africa’s children and in so doing build a brighter future for our country, please get in touch with us by completing the form on the right.

I am crying because this is the South Africa I desperately want.


Tendi Thabela

I cant stop watching this, we need more of these collaborations to rebuild and restore the love in our land , and the world.

Konrad Wyss

This is so amazing, Johnny has really united us as a country for decades now despite our past. He truly deserves this tribute

Arehone Belinda